I have found that Emmy provides CPD of a quality that has never been achieved by any course or workshop I’ve attended. Indeed I have never had such value for money from any other consultant. Her work is so bespoke to the individual / team, that it gets right to the heart of the issue – and beyond. She has done some powerful work with many individuals on the staff as well as working effectively with teams.

On a personal level, working with Emmy has helped me to become a better leader. I’m more strategic and make better decisions. I am also less emotional and generally more professional. Most importantly though I have come to realize that despite honing these skills, I can still be the compassionate Head Teacher that I’ve always been determined to be.

Maria, Head Teacher, Raynville Primary School
To be honest now that I’m writing it all down, I can actually see how much I have grown since our coaching sessions. Boy you are brilliant!
LA – Entrepreneur, London
Thank you for the session this week; really interesting – as ever. I can’t imagine …(us)…in the future without coaching
Team Leader – Leeds


DISC … ‘gave me a real insight to the type of careers that would suit me due to my personality traits and how best to deal with people and situations which prove challenging to me. The description of my style of working made me smile as I recognised myself… Had I known this previously I would have excelled faster in the workplace. I am grateful for this information as I now use it within my own business
Managing Director, London


…our last session really helped. Focused me on what I really had to sort before starting new job … Also meant that I have not allowed myself get bogged down in the unnecessary day to day … issues
Senior Manager, Leeds


I have found the sessions extremely useful and have put into action the ‘anchors’ on several occasions, not only to use myself but also to use in my job… I would highly recommend your services as they have been extremely useful for me. Thank you very much for your help and support
Learning Mentor, Leeds


Which part of the day did you find the most beneficial and why?

• ‘what kind of person you are… to get more understanding of my colleagues and how they work and think’
• ‘I enjoyed every minute of the course, I found it very useful and informative. I liked the activities we did and I have learnt my learning style’
• ‘…very interesting to reminded of how other people are different to me and that I need to approach these people differently’

What will you do differently as a result of today?

• ‘See things from other people’s point of view. Tolerate other people.’
• ‘Be more open minded about how other people work and think’
• ‘Be more understanding of colleagues and the different ways they approach tasks’
• ‘Try and talk to the team every time I get a chance and also have a go at the goals I set on the topic I would like to improve on’