Leadership and Team Facilitation

Whether you work in a Corporate Business, a School, a Charity or a Caring Organisation – you are part of a team of individuals brought together under a common goal. These goals might be to increase your profits, to achieve higher exam results or to connect to the people in your care and grow their lives. Whatever you are aiming for there is one thing that will affect your results whatever the focus; your people.

I love working with organizations that want their people to connect to their own individual potential and become independent self-leaders. I believe that this is an essential step to enable our people to ignite self-worth and success for themselves, the teams they are a part of and for their organization.

The Facilitation days and Team Development programmes I offer to organizations start with the belief that everyone has the ability to be a Leader and that being able to lead our own lives makes it much easier to successfully lead others. By starting here we are able to affect changes in people’s values and beliefs, actions and results.

A number of focuses are available for Team facilitation sessions;

  • What’s Your Game? Clarifying Goals, Challenges, Contracts and Strategies – for Individuals, Teams and our Organization. The opportunity for ‘win/win’ situations to be an ongoing expectation
  • First 90 days support; from induction to high performance for newly appointed or promoted staff
  • Talent management; preparing your ‘high fliers’ for their next step up the ladder
  • Clear Communication – how to really Speak Up and Step Up and make a Positive Impact
  • Dealing with Difficult People – Strategies for building relationships to allow different results with ‘difficult’ individuals
  • Step into Self Confidence – Learn the 4 steps towards mastering self confidence effectively and step into success
  • Effortless Change and Easy Transition – Explore easy actions to make change situations feel effortless

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