Ignition Card Facilitation System


Ignition Cards are a visual coaching and facilitation system that I have created myself to enable deeper self-awareness, a faster connection to our sub-consciousness and longer lasting results in a person’s life.  They are perfect for using in a number of ways:

  • One to one sessions; to enable your career and life journey to reflect the real you and ensure that the results in your life are the ones that you want to experience.
  • During Team facilitation sessions Ignition Cards enable; honest communication and sharing at a deeper level, to encourage understanding and connection across the group.

In the Western World approximately 80% of us have a visual learning preference and yet as coaches, counselors, therapists or facilitators we often focus purely on a verbal approach.

The Ignition Cards allow both the right and left hand sides of our brain to be accessed separately and the images and words used on each of the 78 cards brings up personal memories, feelings and emotions for each person who chooses to work with them.

Training for Coaches, Facilitators, Mentors, Team Leaders, and Teachers

I will train your key staff members to use Ignition Cards effectively during a programme designed to meet the specific needs of your organization.  This high impact tool can then be used by your own facilitators whenever appropriate, to boost their results.

By working to improve communication, contracting and connection skills where they are most needed you will see your facilitators enabling ongoing and lasting change in the people they work with. Ignition Cards can be used as part of ongoing initiatives such as;

Corporate Development

  • Increasing confidence and boosting performance
  • Change situations
  • Leadership Development & Team Building
  • Effective Selling and Communication

Educational Development

  • Behavioural issues – encouraging communication in primary and secondary schools – warning can also be great fun too!

Developing Connection for Caring Professions

  • People with Learning Disabilities – Gentle yet effective ways to engage and connect more deeply, both in 121 and group sessions – warning can be great fun too!
  • Elderly People and Alzheimer’s – A simple and gentle way of connecting to memories and emotions and encouraging independent communication

Want to find out more?

To access the Ignition Card website for more information and details about the courses currently available please click on the link below;

Visit the Ignition Cards website