Throughout the last academic year I worked through a team-building programme with the Inclusion Team of a Leeds Primary School.  They were a new team facing a heavy workload, often of a sensitive nature. Due to past circumstances there were a number of issues blocking the team members from working harmoniously together. We set up 4, 2x hour group facilitation sessions with 2 ‘supervision’ sessions to follow over the next term as the team felt necessary.

By working to explore what had not worked for each person during the last year we were able to clarify exactly where the focuses were for change to happen. By creating clarity around these changes and how the team themselves would be proactive to enable and then manage this transition, a positive and ‘can do’ attitude was forged.

By taking a (surprisingly few) number of actions the team members were able to create success, their way and to feel positive about the future and the way they would work together.

For one of the final sessions we focused on how the team communicated amongst themselves as well as with other ‘clients’. As a facilitation tool to enhance the skills the team had, we used Ignition Cards in pairs to gently find out more about an issue each person was going through. This experience proved to be very emotional and also very successful with the team bonding hugely through the session.

Due to the great results they experienced when using the Ignition Cards, I have now trained the Head Teacher, the SLT and the Inclusion Team to use the Ignition Card Facilitation System with the pupils. Initially the focus will be to create greater connection and understanding with students with behavioural issues, as well as introducing positive and fun Ignition Card exercises with larger groups in class.

The school SLT are keen to measure the results of using the Ignition Cards Facilitation system and so I will be able to share more details about their findings next year. Watch this space…